OPINION: Teachers would gladly accept and improve educational policies if they are motivated enough_George Selikem

I think if teachers are well motivated and not chatised like we see everyday in most educational districts, teachers can take up improvement of educational policies based on their environment or community and improve upon it.

They may likely suggest reforms that might even take the into consideration the human resource requirement of the current and fast moving world to dear consideration.
“We’re all just ordinary people who do ordinary things in different ways”.
For this reason, the teachers view should be sort in the bid to improve the quality of education in this country.

The teacher’s motivation should be prioritized as was suggested by Hon Jerry Akporhor in an earlier post. Motivation is not always about money. Creating of the enabling environment to teach is a form of motivation.

Most newly employed teachers have so much zeal to do the job but the demeaning factors, actions and inactions of some educational authorities is what is going to kill the fire in these young and promising teachers.
I used some because even some of the head teachers are hindrances to educational development. They deter teachers from being innovative and creative. Those who allow the teachers to be creative in their classrooms do see results.

The hullabaloo of government, their communicators and party faithfuls are also part of the problems. They have made and caused most parents especially those in the rural communities sherk their duties as parents. It is as though they don’t care whether their wards succeed or not but will curse teachers when their wards failed in exams. They tend to forget, they have a roll to play. They expect the teacher to do everything for the child. From books to clothing and even food.

This is as a result of the fact that government has promised to supply uniforms to their children so if they don’t, they (the parents) will not do it. “What a mindset. Backward thinkers”. Teachers don’t have but they still spend the little they have to buy books and stationary for the kids.

Why would any human being in their right senses do that to their children?
This breaks teachers down and leave them no choice than to try their best to leave those communities for towns or cities.

We can’t just talk about the problems without giving recommendations, can we?

This epistle is just about teacher motivation. The teacher should be motivated by all stakeholders of education to endure the rural community.

✍️ George Selikem Blessed _ Fellow of Informed Teachers Network

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