Stop GES-SIC deductions

Guideline for all government workers on GoG payroll.

Choosing E-Payslip password

  1. Never use your phone number as your E-payslip password.
  2. Never use your date of birth as your E-payslip password.
  3. Never use your name or names as password.
  4. Do not use repeated numbers as password, say 1111 or 2020

These things are easily predicted. Don’t be lazy. Make a it a bit unpredictable and write it down securely somewhere if you fear forgetting. Do this for your email too.

Checking and printing payslip

  1. Learn to check your payslip yourself.
  2. Let only trusted people check your payslip for you.
  3. If you open your payslip on anyone’s phone or computer, make sure to loge out before handing over.
  4. Don’t write your staff ID and password and give to someone to go print your payslip for you, if it becomes necessary, change the password after that.
  5. Download your payslip on your phone or computer and send it for printing. It saves you from money any unauthorized access.
  6. When you go to cafe to print your payslip, let the attendant type everything but type the password yourself.
  7. Make sure the attendant logs out before you leave or change the password afterwards.
  8. If a printed payslip is not clear and a new one is to be printed for you, ensure that the unclear one is destroyed or take it away – never leave it behind.

Dealing with loan and insurance companies.

  1. Check your own affordability and tell them or let a trusted person do it for you.
  2. Generate the MANDATE FORM yourself and give them the code or let a trusted person do it for you.
  3. Never trust the loan and insurance officers with your staff ID and
  4. If it becomes necessary to give out your details to generate mandate, do well to check the mandate history to confirm if they have generated only one or the required number needed. Change the password latter.
  5. For financial security sake, teachers ought to take loans for business.
  6. It’s wise to take loans from your banks or union rather than the financial institutions.
  7. Do not allow someone to force you to take loans .

Working on arrears or any issues with payslip from CAGD

  1. Never trust anyone that calls you to help you get your arrears or promotion. Controller doesn’t have a collective center.
  2. In case you want to give it a try, don’t give your payslip password out. Anyone that claims to work at the controller and wants to help you with arrears or any related issues only needs your staff ID. If he ask for anything else, he is fake.
    A true worker would get access to every detail about you with just your ID. Your name would probably be for confirmation.
  3. And the deal must not be phone affairs but one on one for fraud check sake
  4. If you give out you ID and password, they would generate mandate form from your payslip and take loan in your name without your notice.
  5. If they promise to work payment of arrears for you for commission and you give them your password, you may receive money and pay them their cut but what you have received is not arrears but loan. Wait for deductions.
  6. Don’t be deceived to believe persons that calls you claiming to be from contoller for a mear fact that they can mention your name, date of birth school or district. Remember your employment details are flying everywhere on social media, it’s not magic.

In case you don’t know what mandate form is,
It’s like your signature, an authority note or undertaking, that your payslip is programmed to generate which when given to controller means you have agreed for controller to deduct an agreed amount from your salary for a third party organization for a certain duration.

✍️Hon Jerry Akporhor _ Lead Educator_ Informed Teachers Network

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