Absorb First Attempt NOV-DEC REGISTRATION Fees For SHS Graduates – Hon Jerry Akporhor

Hon Jerry Akporhor writes……

1. Government aims to increase tertiary enrollment. That’s a good news. This projection I believe, is one of the reasons that informed the introduction of Free SHS and the proposal to modify disbursement of students loan especially bothering on timing and guarantor demands.

2. However, it’s worth noting that, aside financial difficulties in securing initial admission fees, failure to pass in one or two core subjects especially English and Mathematics is a major barrier to why Many SHS graduates cannot make it to tertiary institutions.

3. Some graduates have passes in all other subjects except for English and or mathematics which are critical requirements for tertiary admission. Meanwhile, these graduates are willing and very passionate about furthering their Education.

4. Since the government is removing barriers to tertiary enrollment and If we can give scholarships in huge sums to students who perform excellently, won’t be complementary to make provision for those who are unfortunately not so lucky to also catch-up?

5. Or we should continue to neglect them because they failed? It may be true that they have failed in one or two subjects but that doesn’t make them failures. Many people we have in top positions today, some even have Phd but have ever written NOVDEC before. Examination as we know it is a complicated event. A lot goes into it.

6. Many of these graduates end up failing again and again and again mostly not because they are not learning or they are dumb but for financial challenges. Some don’t even get to register at all for same reasons.

7. It will be very prudent if government can step in to cushion these people who wish to resit their papers at least for their first attempt. Someone needs it badly. Latter attempts can be born by them. Everybody deserves a second chance.

8. If the registration fees can’t be absorbed too, it can be subsidized considerably especially now that the economy is hard but the fees keep going high. Many of the graduates who teach in private schools receive salaries below the minimum wage. It’s difficult to put something aside.

✍️ Hon Jerry Akporhor Founder and Lead Educator- Informed Teachers Network


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