Attitude of teachers makes it difficult to fight for them


Better condition of service, to many, is increase in salary. Every now and then, you hear teachers complaining about better condition of service.

Mostly often than not, teacher unions are blamed for not negotiating for better condition of service for the ordinary teacher. They are seen more or less like white elephants only occupying the position and doing nothing.

In as much as this assertion may be true, sometimes, attitude of teachers makes it difficult for Union leaders to fight chest-out for better conditions of service.

Most teachers don’t take the work serious. I know many people will not agree with me because they it sounds as though I’m denting the image of colleagues but it’s a fact. In every school, we know a teacher or two who doesn’t take the work serious and this is known by all stakeholders including our employer

So, whenever union leaders sit at a negotiations table and evidence is presented to them they become embarrassed and dumbfounded.

A teacher can sit in a class glued to his/her phone, comes to school and leaves when they wish to, leave the school to do their personal business when they wish, take part all national exercises in their numbers to the neglect of the pupils in the classroom.

A practical example is this GSS exercise. Some of the key trainers are teachers. They went for training for a number of days. They will come and train other teachers for 10 more days. The programme itself will last for at least 20 days. All theses days, the teacher will not be the classroom yet monthly salary will be intact.

Someone may argue that, if the teacher is paid well, he won’t be running for these opportunities. I agree to some extent but it is not entirely true. Teachers are engaging in it for two reasons. One is that GES approves of it. And also, the allowance is juicy.

1.. Each day enumerators will be paid 50.00 for d training workshop for the ten days
2. Gh¢110.00 will be paid as daily enumerators allowance for 21 days when d census starts whilst the supervisors will be marked Gh¢140.00 each day for that 21 days of work.
So you, see why everybody is interested?

In addition, most teachers are just keyboard warriors on social media. They cowardly chicken out when it’s time for real action. You will see teachers going to school to sign attendance and even teach when union leaders call for strike. When they call for demonstrations, only few people will attend. Those affected most will be in the house monitoring social media.

All these long talks on social media won’t yield any results if it’s not backed by real actions.

Finally, we fail the leaders and latter turn to attack them. It’s sometimes funny listening to some colleague teachers. The kind of things they propose will make you wonder if they are really teachers. Some on the other hand only rant, apportion blames and criticize without providing any constructive alternative.

When is time for elections to select people to positions so they can bring their ideas to shape the organization, they will not own up but come back and be reading the book of Lamentations.

We keep lamenting and emotionally creating more unions but nothing better is happening.
Sometimes, what our leaders need is ideas. That’s all they need to go to the negotiation table with and not just blames and useless rants.

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