CAGD has introduced mandate pin, an extra layer of security against unauthorized deduction.

The Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) is currently organizing virtual sensitization workshop for staff on the upgraded Third Party Reference A (TPRs)

Third party reference system is the the system that allows third party institutions to deduct loan repayment, insurance premiums, welfare contributions and credit union deductions directly from source.  Many staff on gog payroll have in recent times complained about fraudulent and unauthorized deductions. This has necessitated the introduction of an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized deductions.

Previously, you only have to generate mandate form from the only gogpayslip platform and deductions can start. Some instructions are abusing this system. When  they manage to have assess to employees login details, they generate the mandate form and start doing whatever pleases them.

With the upgraded  TPR system, after generating the mandate form, the system will again send a mandate pin to the phone number of the employee, without which the mandate form cannot work.

The sensitization is expected to start 17th may and end 27th may 2021.

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