GES ignoring lower rank promotion and upgrade by certificate_ Elis Ferdinand

Speaking on upgrade of teachers, Education Blogger and Practicing Curricularist, Ellis Ferdinand, has argued that the Ghana Education Service (GES) was gradually ignoring the upgrading of teachers using their degrees.

Ferdinand indicated that the GES seems to show much interest in promoting teachers to their various ranks using the newly introduced promotion examination (Aptitude Test) than upgrading the teachers using degrees they have acquired from the Universities.

Speaking on his popular Saturday morning radio show, THE FORUM Sociopolitical and Current Affairs Program on Accra-based Summer 106.9 Fm, Ellis Ferdinand argued that since 2016, teachers who applied for upgrading to various ranks in the GES are still waiting for the GES to upgrade them to their various ranks.

Upgrading Letters

Ferdinand indicated, that some teachers who were issued their letters to the rank of Principal Superintendent after their degree programs since 2018 have tried several means to get their Principal Superintendent salaries but that has not been affected.

2016 Graduates

Ferdinand further alleged that teachers who completed college in 2016 and are expected to move to the rank of Senior Superintendent 1 have not received any letter from the office of the GES to that effect.

He added, that the GES was only interested in issuing promoting letters to teachers who were successful in their promotion exams.

Too many Application Letters

According to Ferdinand, since 2019, teachers were instructed to apply and reapply for their upgrading of which the teachers until 2021 are still being reminded by the GES to continue with new applications for upgrading.

Promotion Exams

He indicated, that it was prudent that teachers who applied for upgrading using degrees take part in the promotion exams since the GES seems unconcern about their upgrading letters.

Urgent Upgrading of Teachers

Ferdinand called on the GES to urgently upgrade teachers who applied for upgrading since this has rendered most teachers frustrated.

He added, that the pre-tertiary teaching profession is reducing in value due to the behavior of the GES and politicians.

Further Studies

Ferdinand suggested that teachers who are not benefitting from their further studies opportunities should go for their promotion exams and use their degrees to further gain masters in research areas to take up new and

favourable opportunities in the future than always waiting on the GES for survival.

He added, that teachers who may not be interested in moving up in Academia can go into other business ventures to make a better leaving for themselves.


Source: EducationGhana

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