Kwame A Plus takes a swipe at teachers who use cane as teaching aid; says they will fail licensure exam.

Kame A Plus, the musician cum controversial political activists takes a swipe at teachers who use cane as part of their TLM.

GES has banned corporal punishments (which includes canning, the most frequently used) in Ghanaian schools. Subtly, it is still ongoing. But, most teachers are unwilling to put the cane away with the excuse that, it best helps them to instill discipline and force children to learn.

However, Kwame A Plus thinks otherwise. The recent post by A Plus seeks to suggest that, canning has been upheld as part of Ghanaian school culture for a long time until it’s ban recently but the products of the said Education system is not producing problem solvers as compared to countries that do not practice canning.

Read the full article bellow as he expressed his opinion ironically.

“Any country with such a teacher whose teaching aids include canes to whip kids like horses 🐎 in a race; as a way of imparting knowledge and to instil discipline will produce many architects and building engineers who can’t build a hen coop.

That country will export timber to China and import furniture produced by Chinese who don’t have degrees.

That country will have an abundance of water, many cement and steel manufacturing companies, cheap labour and stone queries but will build open drains in 2021 and contract foreigners who charge them huge sums of money only to gather all their aforementioned materials to build interchanges and repatriate the money to their country.

That country will have the engineers regiment of their armed forces who are capable of building bridges but will station them at road blocks to salute commuters and ask for money for mosquito coil and use them to guard Chinese galamsey sites. (Oman na yagyimi sei!!! Ah Awurade!!!)

That country will educate someone who will become a dean of a school of mechanical engineering, who will take his car to Master Atta, the wayside fitter to fix it. In that country, a PhD holders will hand over a state ambulance to a roadside mechanic who will turn it into a cargo truck to cart cement.

That country will have a dean of a school of pharmacy who cannot produce Taabia Mixture to save his own life; will buy it from someone who has never heard 👂 the word “research”.

That country will educate a politician who will use CCTV cameras 📷 to monitor trees 🌳 but will lack the common sense to drill a borehole and fix pipes to drip water 💦 to them all year round like is done in Dubai.

That country will educate people who believe that it is very okay to import a stone to build a cathedral to pray to a sky daddy than to build hospitals.

That country will educate politicians who will decide to spent millions of dollars to expand a chamber of parliament instead of spending that amount of money on a new parliament building in say Tamale to catalyze growth in that region.

If HE President Kuffour had built the Jubilee House in Sunyani or Takoradi, Ghana would have had another major city today.

In the nutshell, if you are educated by such a teacher, he will teach you to chew pour pass and forget; your whole education will be just to pass an examination and not to do anything practical. These are facts. Scientifically proven!!!

It is easier for a camel 🐫 to go through the eye of a needle than for this teacher’s student to produce a balloon 🎈 You’ll never be able to go to the moon 🌙 You’ll never be able to produce a vaccine 💉 Even with your very own fufu 🍲 you won’t be able to mechanise the pounding process.

The sad part is that, this teacher himself will fail his licensure exams 😭😭😭😭”

What do you make of his assertions? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Facebook @A Plus

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