The basic school head also needs rest_ appeal to GES.

After schools resumed from the ten months long Corona induced break in January 2021, the academic calendar drawn to be followed by basic schools for the 2021 academic year doesn’t seem to favour a particular category of basic school headteachers( Headteachers of both Primary and JHS). They would be working all year round without break.


There are basically three categories of basic school heads.

1. Headteacher for primary only

2. Headteacher for JHS only

3. Headteacher for both primary and JHS

A careful study of the 2021 calendar which has introduced semester system at the JHS level revealed that, Headteachers who are in charge of both JHS and primary are at a disadvantage as they would be working all year round without any time to rest. This is because, when primary schools are on vacation, the JHS is still in session, when the JHS goes for vacation, the primary is still in school.


Mr Isaac Peprah finds this situation worrying and unfair. To this he wrote an article that throws light on the problem and profess a solution.

Read his full submission bellow;


I make this humble appeal to GES. The basic school head (Headteacher for both primary and JHS) needs some rest from the long stay in school.

Remember they stayed while the primary vacated and have to stay while JHS is vacating.As humans as they are, they will need some rest.

I know some one week break was given but to me, that is not enough. One will ask, how do we go about it?

Well, my observation is that every basic school has assistant head for primary and assistant head for JHS. Those teachers in most cases are teachers who may also be qualified to be heads or are people who we trust that they can take charge of the school in the absence of the substantive head.

Therfore my suggestion is that we should let the assistant heads take charge of the school while the substantives take some rest. However, critical decisions should be referred to the substantive head or deferred until resumption. In this case, the head may still be in charge but is doing so remotely.”

He However urged teacher unions, GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT and other recognized groups within the teaching profession to push this agenda forward. Who knows maybe it will be taken by those at the decision making level.

The basic school Headteacher needs rest.
Thank you.

By Peprah Isaac

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