Teachers Day Celebration: An open letter to North Tongu Education Directorate.


Dear Director,

I’m highly worried as a teacher in your district due to how teachers are being treated for the past five years that I am serving in this your district.

For the past five years that I’ve been here, there was not a single program organized for teachers to recognize, motivate, encourage and to point out to them their shortfalls for them to improve upon their work in the classroom.

My worry and disappointment became even more serious when today, we are celebrating teachers worldwide, there is no program organized for teachers in the North Tongu District to serve as a platform for motivation, encouragement and most importantly, for teachers voice to be heard with regards to problems confronting them in their various schools.

The other districts around us have organized fantastic programs for their teachers on today’s occasion and we those in this district are still in the classroom shouting ” keep quiet” . What a sad day for some of us? We feel so inferior among our colleagues from other sister districts.

Some of my colleagues in the district who share same sentiment with me tried to blame our union leaders ( GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT etal) for this development but I disagree totally with them. Is the world teacher’s day for GES and it’s teaching staff of which the teacher unions are just stakeholders or vice versa?

There are more to talk about but “nya le mumu ƒe dɔme gake nu meli woa gblɔe o”.

I’ll urge our new District Director to take note of some of these developments and work towards it so that in the coming years we can also rub shoulders with our colleagues elsewhere. We have been left behind for far too long.

Thanks very much.

Yours faithfully, Mr. Dzisenu Clifford A.
Citizen, not a spectator.
Assertive, not frigid.

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