The lessons that will change your life forever.

In this article, you are going to read the 21 most valuable lessons that can turn your life around for good. Unfortunately, many have learnt this rather too late in life. Take a read and ponder over it.

  1. Give yourself one hell of an education, especially the one that teaches you how to deal with people, money, and machines.
  2. Determinequiteearly, whether you want to work for someone else or work for yourself.
  3. Accumulate wealth, but more importantly accumulate wisdom and knowledge.
  4. Learn the power of compounding and make it a part of your life. Apply it in every situation where time is a major factor and value is the other factor.
  5. Be careful who you marry, and give it at least a year before committing yourself. Avoid sex before marriage.
  6. Friends are cool to have around, but very few or none will stick with you when you go broke.
  7. Life is a lonely journey that you must travel alone. Other people will escort you only so far, but not any further than they can see.
  8. Before you trust someone, test them by asking them for a loan even when you know you’re loaded. If they lend you money and are not even in a hurry to get it back, you know you have a friend.
  9. Make a decision to become rich or poor while you’re still young. Be lazy and waste time and become poor. Work hard and save time and become rich.
  10. Sex can be the most subtle trap in life depending on how it’s done. Do it with the wrong person and die. Do it with the right person and spare your life.
  11. There’s a lot to learn in life; the good, the bad and the ugly. Brace yourself for the greatest adventure of your life and keep your mind open for anything.
  12. It is very important to have faith because no amount of preparation can prepare you for the surprises life has to offer both good and evil.
  13. When you fail once this means you tried once. Fail twice this means you tried twice. Fail thrice this means you tried three times. If you try only a hundred times and give up this means you’re not really cut out for it.
  14. If you have a persistent ‘give-up’ spirit this means, perhaps you can’t make it. At this point, maybe you should really down your tools and direct your attention to other things more important to you.
  15. Don’t be fooled. Regret for nothing. Fear nothing. Take nothing for granted. Life is going exactly the way it was planned to go. There are many dots to be connected, but connect they will. Eventually.
  16. People cannot be trusted and it’s not their fault. They’re simply not strong enough to persevere the pressures fighting against their will not to double-cross you.
  17. Love is the most beautiful, powerful force on earth. Lose it and become the poorest, most miserable person on earth. Gain it and become the richest, happiest person on earth.
  18. Happiness is the main ingredient for your success. You can tell if a man or woman will be successful by the amount of happiness they possess because happiness is the fuel that drives the enthusiasm to carry on despite crisis, difficulty, and failure.
  19. Do not go looking for conflict, argument or debate just to ‘feel good’ by winning a verbal debate. It amounts to nothing. Instead, go looking for real-world problems that can be solved in exchange for value and you will never live the rest of your life begging for money.
  20. The greatest asset on earth is family. Never neglect them even when you rise on top of the world. They’re the only ones who will still embrace you and give you comfort after you return home battered by life.
  21. If you want to know how rich you are, just count the number of things you have that money cannot buy.

Source: Informed Teachers Network

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